10 years a Swiss Citizen!

It’s been ten years since I receive my Swiss Pass and twelve years since I left Paris for my dear and sweet Switzerland!

Not a day I regret the decision of letting my country, my language, my friends and family behind me. With 13 years old, I knew already that I will one day left my country. I had this fire in my chest that burned for a greater adventure, America, Australia, Canada or even Holland, everything was an option to me. But with 16 the fire went higher, and it became almost impossible for me to think of France as the country I will grow and thrive in.

My dad is half Polish half Swiss, my Mom half French half Italian, that might explain a little of my urge to move and see the world. I started to travel quite a lot for my young age, and any occasion I had, I jumped into the train to go to Switzerland.

Switzerland, the country that welcomed my Polish grandfather during the second world war and gave him the opportunity to study and start a new life. Switzerland, the country of my beloved grandmother and my dad’s childhood. Switzerland, the country that gathered, my tears, my fears, my hopes, my dreams. The country I choose to live forever, and that is giving me so much.

Thank you, Switzerland I love you.




The dress is an Edwardian wedding dress and comes from my personal collection

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