40’s for nothing


The 1940’s Military Jacket

Today I’m wearing this jacket I adore.

It is a 1940’s military jacket from the French army, and I had it for free! Can you believe it! It has nothing on it, no buttons nothing, I actually had to open each button’s hole. So it was probably deadstock, but still, the date is printed on it. The bare piece already was so special but customised it with studs and buttons to suit my style and bring back its military past. I think it is a key piece it is very statement but still goes with a lot of different outfits.













I remember wearing it on my shoulders with a turtle neck sweater and skinny jeans, over a white summer dress, and here today with this 1980’s leather skirt and my very comfortable Adidas.

I haven’t paired sneakers and a skirt since I’m 13 when I was rocking low-cut denim skirt and my black and red Speedcat Puma!









Bisouski, Barbara

Shot by: Madison Kennedy







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4 thoughts on “40’s for nothing

  1. Beautiful outfit, beautiful surrounds, beautiful model ! Like a dream come true !

    1. Thank you so much Marzipan, something in me is calling for the wild and dense jungle 😉

  2. I’m in love with your jacket ! Top restyling ! Why don’t you take a picture zooming in on the details ?
    I love your tights toi ! You look stunning as always.

    1. Hi SArah,

      I’m surely wearing this jacket again, I will think about zooming on the details 😉 the tights are a gift from my boyfriend <3

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