30 before 30 – Time to set your goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


Today, instead of telling you that I’ll drink less coffee and begin to exercise three times a week. I thought I will talk a few about life goals (big or small) I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday ( I have 2 and a half to go). I found this unusual resolution list on youtube. Divided into three categories, WORK, LIFE, PLAY,

let’s begin with the work!



1- Persiste with my blog, and get better at it. I always dreamt about blogging but I’m still struggling at it a bit as English is not my first language (not even my second) and sometimes I found my article a bit too superficial, but 2018 here I come!

2- Improve my English

3- Do more photoshoot, I never thought I’ll love doing photoshoots so much. I’m very camera shy, so it was actually a big deal for me to stand in front of a lens, but it’s loads of fun.

4- Take film photos, I have a lot of projects for my blog, film photos are one of them.

5- Finish my tailor studies and practice sewing a lot more

6- Lunch a mini collection (this is actually already in the process…keep an eye open 🙂 )

7- Hit a 1000 sales on etsy

8- Do more collabs

9- Selling to the  fleamarket a lot more, I did my first flea market this summer, it was a very interesting experience. I even met some Instagram followers! Couldn’t believe it.

10- Own my own shop 🙂


1- Get more off time, get more off time or get better organized. My bf says I’m a workaholic. When you are self-employed and that you love so much what you do, it can be hard to remember to take more off time. But I would like for this year to get more organized so I don’t feel guilty of having a fun time with my loved ones.

2- Have babies (no expaination needed 🙂 )

3- Adopt more pets, I’m the biggest animal lover, and we are thinking about growing our little family.

4- Finally get my driver licence, on my bucket list, since I’m 18, I’m just absolutely not interested in Cars, but it would be way more practical not to have to carry giant bags full of vintage treasures.

Scarf – Here / Hat – Here / Coat – Similar / Belt – Here / Shirt – Here / Skirt – Here / Boots – Bally (similar 1 / 2 ) / Gloves – Here

5- Make a love nest out of our new apartment, we are just right now in the process of moving. And we are both beyond exciting about styling our new home!

6- Stress out less about imperfections

7- Improve my German and maybe start a new language (polish?)

8- Go back to yoga, well, I just wrote that I will not promise to exercise, but yoga is not exercising, it’s a way of life, right?

9- Spent more time with family, since I moved to Switzerland, seeing my family has been quite a struggle. I would like to spend a lot more time with my two brothers who are still in Paris, and my little mama <3

10- Get more social, well here is my biggest deal. I love to be around people, around “my” people. But I’m such a lone wolf that is sometimes hard for me to get social. Which can be surprising for a Gemini.


1- Wear more colours

2- Go to Italy (again) You may not know that I’m also part Italian. There is something in who keeps being attracted to Italia. I have been a few times already, but there is so so much I would like to Explore. I deadly want to go to Torino, Milan, Florence and the south!

3- Go to Asia (we want to go to Asia for so long now, we actually talk about it since we met) We are planning to go for a few weeks or even month, and maybe pairing work and travel?

4- Go to Russia, or somewhere else with my bestie and have fun girl time together again.

5- Explore Switzerland, Switzerland is such a beautiful country. I spent a lot of time here since my childhood, but there is still so much to discover, and I can not wait to go to visit more beautiful places with my mate.

6- Read more in German

7- Go back to Poland, this summer I went to Poland for the first time, which was one of my dream destination, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I actually fall in love with this land and can not wait to go back! and maybe start a project there (not giving too much out)

8- Write a song with my love, In my very first article, I talked about music being my first love. It is something I share with my boyfriend, and he convinced me to make a song together.

9- Wear more hats

10- Get more tattoos

Let me know some of your goals!

Bisouski, Barbara

Shot by: My amazing Boyfriend

Shot in: Zurich, Switzerland






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5 thoughts on “30 before 30 – Time to set your goals

  1. cute article 🙂 going to Russia together would be awesome ! big kisses bestie

  2. Che bella che sei Barbara !
    Ti seguo da un po’ sin commentare ma sapi che adoro il tuo stile romantico e femminile. Mi piace molto questa gonna, ti va benissimo !
    Ti auguro il meglio per l’anno nuovo. E vieni da me a Roma

    1. Buenasera Fabiola!

      unfortunatelly those are the only italian words I know 🙁 (well I know Stella, fromaggi, gelatti and very basic words 🙂 ). So I can not answer you in Italian, but I understood your comment, yeah!

      Thank you so much for those sweet words, I hope to see Roma one day.

      Bacio, Barbara

  3. Wow, I absolutly love your outfit ! You look amazing as always. I’m having a crush on your coat, so elegant, pretty and… so green. Don’t you sell it ?
    Great pics, congratulations to your boyfriend ! He loves you for sure.
    Kisses from London.

    1. Candy Lou, what a cute name! I know that coat! It is so fabulous that I want to keep for myself, I’m so sorry I hope to find some similar soon for the shop.
      I’ll tell my boyfriend 🙂 I think we do a great team, he has (poor guy) the patience to wait in the cold and listen to some of my crazy instructions, and always comes out with great ideas too.

      I hope to see you back soon on the blog!

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