A day at the lake

It’s funny how Switzerland rarely is associated with hot weather, but still, we sweat a lot during the summer months. 29° + temperatures are not unusual and we even got tropical nights during which we get very little sleep.
Hopefully, Switzerland also has got some of the most beautiful lakes. Today we took our bikes and ride around the Zurich’s lake to find a comfy place in the shadow of a linden tree.

I wore this dress I made in a yellow gingham pattern (or Vichy print in French), it is not really biking friendly, but cotton dresses are a must-have in the summer heat. I sewed a non-boned corset top which reminded me of the 50’s sundresses, and add a more peasant style skirt to it, to get a more casual shape.

 And as you cannot wear hats on a bike, I tied up this matching turban around my head. It protects from the sun, and from having hair in my face during the ride.

I also really wanted to shoot those fantastic 1940’s butterfly sunglasses (that I will struggle to sell). If you have, like me, a tiny head I recommend 1940’s sunglasses, they usually have a narrower shape then the modern sunglasses. And how adorable is this pin-up like 1970’s white bathing suit to take a splash and refresh myself.

I absolutely adored this 1920’s lake cabinet, dark wood floor, white walls and a beautiful lake sight a very romantic and photogenic little place to shoot.
We spend some times bathing in the water, then sunbathing in the sun playing cards and eating watermelon, what more can you ask for a perfect day a the lake?




Pictures by: My love





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