A walk into the woods … in statement tights

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I think I’m on a good run at getting back at writing posts and I’m very happy about it. I did miss taking my boyfriend on a little adventure to play model and photograph.  For this very autumnal shooting, we took our e-bikes and went into the forest. It was freezing cold and I actually thought I’ll lose my fingers. But it was the perfect occasion to show off this amazing 1950’s fur toque and my recently found statement Fogal tights!

1950’s Fur Hat – Own collection / 1940’s Corduroy Jacket – Here / Sweater – Modissa / 1970’s Skirt – Own Collection / Tights – Fogal / Boots – Found in a 2n Hand / 1970’s Bag (soon in the shop)

I don’t understand why tights are receiving so much hate. They are such a fun piece of clothing. For me, they are the easiest ways to funk up an ordinary outfit and protect you from the cold. I own quite a few pairs and if you are often on this blog you might have noticed that I’m not afraid to wear them in bubble gum pink or with leopard prints on them.


I particularly love to wear them with some mini 60’s skirts or dresses, like this tan leather one I’m wearing here.  The coloured vertical stripes are complimenting the green of this amazing  1940’s French green corduroy jacket that was astonishingly warm and saved me from freezing.

Known for squeezing your belly and slowly slipping to your knees while you are walking tights can be a real pain to some people. But here is the trick, learnt from my mom… always take one or two sizes bigger than your usual size!

Also, good quality thighs will make the difference and I suggest you invest in brands that are specialized in socks or tights. My favourite pairs are from labels like Fogal, Dim, Falke or Wolford. Sure it’s hard to put a lot of money in something that you think will rip rapidly. But I have quite a few VINTAGE ones from those brands that still are intact and I’m not a careful wearer!

So don’t be afraid and have fun with your tights they are all the rage this season.




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