Alien is tailoring


Some of you may know that last summer I began a school for tailoring. It is something I wanted to study for a very long time. I always liked craftsmanships, I love the commitment, irregularity and rarity of a handmade piece. I learnt so much in only a few months, it is making me a lot more confident in my abilities and made alternatives to designs limitless.

This skirt is the very first piece I made from A to Z using those professional skills. I used a black and an off-white corduroy fabric and put a beautiful button on the back. Digging in my vintage button collection to find the right to fits is the best feeling ever.

For this outfit, I was inspired by the swinging London of the sixties, by the black and white amazing dresses Courrèges made in the same periods. Some lithography from W.Kandinsky. And by the backgammon, me and my man’s favourite game.

What I wear: Beret – Vintage / 1960’s Sunglasses / Belt – Marc Cain / Skirt by myself / Over the knee boots – Public Desire



Picture by: Madison Kennedy

Shot in: Viadukt / Hardbrücke

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10 thoughts on “Alien is tailoring

  1. Bravo, BarbarA, ta premiere jupe est superbe !!! Et elle te va à ravir.
    Si tu passes à Paris, je te montrerai mes Propres creations, viens vite
    Nadia Robin

    1. Merci Nadia,

      J’adorerai voir tes créations! Je ne suis encore qu’une débutante, mais avec beaucoup de motivation….et d’idées 🙂

  2. Love, LOVE,LOVE your streetwear outfit!!! SO cute, SO…YOU

  3. Dear Barbara, you look great ! I love black and White outfit TOO, it makes for such a striking look in These gorgeous photos. Your pencil skirt is very pretty. I would like To sew MY own clothes as WELL as you !

    1. Hey Jane,
      Thank you so much, I may once post a sewing tutorial, would you be interested?

  4. Wow, MY friend, THAT’S a Perfect FALL outfit
    You can still be elegant with a TOUCH of rebellion ! And sexy with these adorable boots.
    Black and white Really becomes you very well !
    Tons of hugs

    1. Thank you so much Shelly

  5. Yes, yes, yes, dear Barbara, I would really appreciate a sewing tuto
    Can’t wait to use my old sewing machine …
    Thank you so much

  6. j’avais vu ta jupe elle ÉtAit dÉjâ tOp mais portée elle est enCore mieux !! Tu es vraiment douée, continue à faire ce que tu fais car peu de gens ont ce talent Inné
    C’est super que tu Actualise Ton blog aussi souvent d’autant plus que tes PhotOs sont superbes et Mettent en valeur touTes tes pièces !
    Bonne ConTinuation barbara et a très vite 🙂

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 MERCI!!

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