The Blue Boudoir

Turban / Lapis Ring  / Red Ring / Bracelet / Kimono

Whenever I think about boudoir, I think powder pink silk, feathers boa maybe a long cigarette holder and some scented candles, but certainly not about a rich blue kimono! But then I found this Kimono, it is so special it has a vibrant red lining which gives it an instant sensual touch. I paired it with this unusual sponge 60’s fabric turban indeed it is though for bathing and swimming. Turban always reminds me of “La Grande Odalisque” by Ingres, and the orientalist painting.

As I have stretched ears, I can not wear regular earrings so I often have to be creative. I bought those Chinese tassels in three different colours, they were actually meant to dangle down of a dress but they make great statement earrings!



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  1. you’re so pretty bestie, I love you <3

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