Bohemian Dreams

Last Saturday, my friend Michelle brought me a little paper bag, a little bag fool of wonder. When I opened it, I saw some divine Bohemian cream crepe silk and lace set from the early 1920s. The set was featuring a crochet lace bolero and wrap skirt, a silk dress, a silk apron and two rectangles of lace. Neither of us really get how that set was supposed to be worn together (and I still don’t know to this day) but, I sure knew I wanted to do something with it. Unfortunately, large parts of the fabrics were torn and stained.

At first, I thought that I’ll use the undamaged lace for a new project. I would use it to sew trims on a dress, maybe dye the silk dress and apron and cut them into a blouse. But as I’m a sucker for archiving and keeping traces of the past, I knew I had to take picture of this set, just how it was.

So I threw a little photoshoot in the studio, add my favourite new snake necklace, used a 1930’s necklace as a headpiece et voila. I must say I’m so happy with the pictures and the way this set looks that I’m going to try to restore the dress and give her back her past fabulousness. I think a tea dye would be best to get rid of the stains and discolourations but the lace at the bottom needs to be removed and replace. For the Crochet bolero and skirt, I might add a few buttons, mend the holes and cute the loose threads. I will try to post a before / after on my instagram story.

Baz wearing a cream crepe silk 1920's bohemian dress on a black background

Baz wearing a 1920's crepe silk dress and a 1930's necklace

1930’s Necklace use as a headpiece

baz wearing a bohemian set


Snake necklace from Realm

Baz wearing a 1920’s bohemian crochet set




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  1. J’adore tes photos ! Tu es sublime !

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