Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt – Zurich antique fleamarket

Zurich Antique Fleamarket

If you are following me on instagram (@bazvintage-zurich) , you probably already know that since last May I’m a “Flohmi Girl”. As an online reseller, it is very precious to be able to meet my clients, to see what they pick and share the enthusiasm and the love for vintage clothes. So, last summer I submitted my application to become an official fleamarket seller. And…I got the precious Sesame pass on the first try!

Look at this adorable Canary yellow 1970’s little dress!

Now, every Saturday from 8.00 am to 5 pm at our little stand n°466, me and my super helpful dad are selling vintage clothing.  My dad also has his own etsy shop Vintage Ties and Else, for the gentlemen.

Look at the most perfect crazy cat lady earrings! If I hadn’t stretched my ears, those would be mine. And for the dog lover, this 1940’s Celluloid Necklace and earrings set.

My lovely boyfriend is also helping a lot, as I do not have a driver licence, I have to pack everything in 2 big suitcases but the heaviest actually are the clothe racks. So having a tall and strong boyfriend is quite a precious relief. He took the pictures today <3 I always enjoy shooting with him.

You will find a lot of bold colors at the stand.

I sold this adorable 1930’s Scotty Dog cigarette box to the cutest young lady, she took her best friend to the send which left with a little black Dior purse 🙂

 I’m no jewellery specialist, but from time to time I will bring some really special tribal earrings, bakelite brooches or other little 1940’s treasures.

Preparing the stand

 Quite a collector piece

1970’s Satchel Bag

1990’s Guy Laroche, hawaiian inspired style.

How adorable is this 1950’s beaded purse?

In Bürkliplatz, Zurich from Mai to the last Saturday of October. Stand n°466.

Hope to see you at the stand!

Xo, Barbara



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