Dancing with myself (oh, oh)

Billy Idol got it right in 1985. Dance with yourself, as a celebration of who you are.

Some will say that you are an egoist or a Narcissa. I think spending time with your own self, learning to know and identify how you think, how and what you feel in every step of your life is a great gift  you are making to your mind, body and soul but also to all the people that will come your way.

Here I’m wearing an incredible 1930s Crêpe silk wedding dress, with the prettiest pleats on the bust, some adorable balloon sleeves, and a train at the back!

The red dress is a full silk evening gown by Emma Domb.

White: 1930s Silk Wedding Dress (BAZ Vintage Personal Collection) / 1930s Wedding Crown (BAZ Vintage Personal Collection)

Red: 1960s Emma Domb Silk Dress







3 thoughts on “Dancing with myself (oh, oh)

  1. Your pictures are incredible and gorgeous !! Everything is exquisite, from the styling to the editing. Bravo !

    1. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and great support <3

  2. Magnifique!
    Bravo Barbara

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