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It is no breaking news that I’m the biggest Dr Martens fan. I had my first pair at the age of 15 years old. I remember being excited all the way that led us to the shop, me and my mom. My mom who supports almost every fashion choice I made (even the most questionable) and encourage me to buy those unbreakable high boots. Since then and over the years my collection grew fast. Some came in some got out and some still are on my radar! Also, I couldn’t find my pair of Clarissa sandals, probably sitting quietly in a corner of my garret room waiting for the barefoot season. But you can find them in this article.

The funkiest:

  • Molly in Glitter

I’m lusting on the Jadon boots for over 6 years now, they were almost impossible to find in Switzerland and the price of the Import Taxes have been so spectacular that I decided to be patient or eventually bought them in France. But last winter I found the Molly boots! The disco version of the Jadon boots (that still are on my radar). The big PVC plateau is so much fun to style, the rest of the shoes is made out of textile and contrarily to what I have read on some other blog or seen on videos, they are not vegan! The inner sole is made out of Leather. What surprised me with those was how comfortable they were right from the beginning, they are quite heavy but still rather easy to walk in. I mostly wear them with jeans or cropped pants. And they definitely are a favourite from my collection.

See how I styled them here and here or here

The Oldest

  • 1914 high boots

You will not believe it, but I bought those boots with my mom when I was 15 years old, 14 years ago! They were my very first pair of Dr Martens and I think I was the first at school that possessed a pair of those badass boots! I felt so punk and rock and roll in those. I wore them to mountain trips, to summer holidays, paired them with skirts, pants or dresses. I take good care of them and hope to be able to keep them with me forever.

Here is how I style them

The Most Uncomfortable

  • Patent 1461

I bought those Oxford patent leather shoes as a reward for myself after my double foot operation. It was probably not the clues choice as the patent Dr Martens are known for being very hard to wear them in! And I do confirm. But letting that apart, the low cut of the shoes makes them really fun to style with some funky ruffled socks.

You can find how I style them here

The Most Worn

  • Classical 1460

Those 1460, the most classical pair of Dr Martens there is are so special to me. They were the first Christmas present I ever had from my love. I needed a little bit of time to worn them out and make them completely mine. But they are definitely the boots I grab without thinking of in every season and for the occasion.

How I style it here


The most wanted

  • 1461 in red

This pair again is very special to me, I bought my first pair when I was sixteen but sold them a few years later. A decision that I regretted ever since. My boyfriend surprised me with them this last Christmas. The leather is in beautiful cherry leather and silky soft.

The most comfortable

  • The Kristina:

The Kristina is a very different design compared to the rest of the Dr Martens line. They have a super soft sole cushion that makes them a dream to walk in. The lacing can be a bit nerve racking as it slightly drops down while you walk but it never stopped me to wear them around town all summer long.

The most unworn

  • The Magdalena

or the biggest shopping fail. I wore those heeled boots only once! I was totally certain to be able to style them with so many rockstar outfits but when they arrived I realised how heavy they were and that I actually rarely were heels…oops.

The most versatile

  • The Flora

Another pair I was looking forward to adding to my collection for many years but never found in Zürich. Well, I once put my hand on a pair of red Flora in Jamarico another shop in Zurich that no longer exist, a few pair were on sale that…but of course nothing in my size 🙁


The newest

  • The Shriver

I first saw this pair and Helen Anderson and was very attracted to the mid-platform – mid-heeled design of the boot. I choose the cherry colour rather than the black one to one save some $ but also have a tiny bit of variation in my collection.

As I wrote earlier I still have a few pair I’m lusting on. Like the Jadon, the Polley and eventually the Gerold and the Myles 🙂

Which one do you own and which one would you consider to buy? Let me know!






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