How to find your area?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about how I love the 40’s but how the shapes of this area are not fitting my body well. The area you love the most is not necessarily the one that complimenting you the best. So here are three little tips to help you if you are asking yourself what area to look for.

Know your body well

The 2nd World War influenced drastically the 40’s silhouette, just like WW1 changed radically the 20’s way of life and therefore its fashion. Most of the men’s are fighting the enemy, and women adapt to a new position in society. They are the bosses and show it with their giant shoulder pads.

And…I don’t need shoulder pads…I already have gigantic shoulders! I’m tall and have close to no shapes, but I quite like my long legs. So 40’s is not ideal for my style or my body, but the ’60s has the mini skirt that could compliment my best features. I love very high waisted everything, so when looking for skirts, I’ll type in 70’s or 80’s skirt as it was the silhouette of those times.

Know what you like the most about your body and what shapes are complimenting your figure and learn about each area silhouette and you are good to go.


Outfit: Beret / 1940’s Dress / Ballerinas – Repetto

Don’t be afraid to mix area

There is no judge, there are no rules, you are the boss.  And if you want to mix a 40’s novelty print blouse, with an 80’s shiny accordion skirt…you can! I do it all the time. I love 30’s blouse, but prefer a skirt from the 60’s. So I often pair the one with the other, and it works perfectly.


Don’t feel pressure to go vintage all the way

To earn a vintage wardrobe can be expensive, older pieces are rare and often hard to find. The price can climb very high when shopping for vintage clothes.  Nothing can replace the soul, the history, and the feeling I have when finding an old piece. They are a lot more special in my eyes, but still, modern clothes don’t have to be bad. I’m in love with those cat-eye shape sunglasses, and guess what….they are probably made in China 🙁 but they do the trick! Those Reppetto ballerina I’m wearing are not vintage either, but they compliment so well the majority of my vintage dresses and skirts.

I hope those three tips help, I’ll try my best to write an article about each silhouette of each decade very soon 🙂

Bisouski, Barbara

We shot at: The MFO Park / Oerlikon

Picture by Madison Kennedy









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3 thoughts on “How to find your area?

  1. so cute 🙂 those tips are actually very helpful !

  2. Hey, Barbara, you look awesome !
    Nothing attracts attention like an elegant dress and your dress is …simply… a dream !
    Like you, I believe that combining different decades is not a sacrilege !
    What matters is to feel good and self confident when you go out into the streets, not to be disguised !
    Well, so long Barbara and contrats on your blog, you’re the best !

  3. Oooh, sorry, I meant congrats on your blog…

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