Pardon my French

A French girl in Zurich

We (my man and I) were recently talking about how, we do no understand the expression “excuse my French”.  I have always thought it was a phrase French people would say to apologize about their French accent or language mistakes, as we (French people) are known for not being the best at English speaking….but I know found out 😉

I’m asked quite often why I left Paris to leave in Zurich, Switzerland.

Paris is where my roots are, but Zurich, Zurich is my home. I always love how eclectic this city is. You can be in the middle of the city and in 10 min walk along the lake, do a grill (a vegetarian one 😉) in the forest, or go for a splash in the lake.  I like how the modern building is rubbing the most beautiful Art Deco Houses. How there is trees at every corner or how there is street art everywhere.

I love Paris, and I’ll always do. I’m very impregnated by French culture, literature, or music. At school, they are important keys to our education. I also have the chance to have very cultivated parents that share a lot with us (me and my brothers). And I think it gave me a strong base and the freedom to dive into a darker, stranger, crazier form of art. In fashion, as well.

If someone were asking me how I see the French lady’s typical outfit, this would be it. Elegant and well put together, a bit crazy, but comfort would be her very first criteria. At least, it is the French women I am 🙂

What I’m wearing:

Beret – Vintage (Similar)/ 1980’s Cat Eye Sunglasses (Similar 1 / 2)/ Dress – Vintage 1950’s (here) / 1960’s Shoes (here)

This beret, let me tell you, you are going to see it often. As a girl that has no clue about hairstyling, hats always came on handy. My mom used to buy me some embellished ones as a little girl. I guess, it stuck with me. But still, when you have bangs, it can be quite tricky to find a good hat that will not flatten them. It took me a while to built my little collection. A 1960’s grey felt Fedora, a 1970’s red Texan and 1970’s brown corduroy cowboy hat, a cute straw hat, even turbans and of course this beret are now part of my core wardrobe.

For this shoot, I choose to wear this super cute  1950’s dress that goes perfectly in this decor. 1950’s usually doesn’t suit my style, I found it to be too polished, too ladylike for my liking but this little polka dot one is the perfect compromise. It is fun, very feminine and super well tailored!

Inspiration Board: Here

Photo by Madison Kennedy

Location: Stadt Gärtnerei




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2 thoughts on “Pardon my French

  1. had so much fun doing this photoshoot 😀

    1. Me too! Let’s do more!!:)

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