Happy New Year

Every year for Christmas my mom asks for a calendar with pictures of me. She lives in the North of France and we extremely rarely see each other, this year 2020 we didn’t even have one chance to meet at all. So, when Christmas came around, I thought that I’ll do a little more special of a calendar and for the first time, I chose a theme and elaborated a concept. You might have guessed seeing those Capricorn horns, that I chose to put each Astrological Signs in picture. The Capricorn is the very first, it the sign that my mom and my older brother share, so it is dear to my heart. It was one of the most challenging to do, fixing the horns was an adventure but I really like how the pictures turned out. I’ll try to remember to post each sign every month and hope you will enjoy seeing yours.

1970’s floral dress



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  1. J’adore 🙂

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