As we are now living week 3 of self-isolation I though housewear would be the perfect subject to feature on todays post.

Even if I miss being independent and free of going wherever I want and do whatever I please I’m happy to be one real optimist. I keep myself busy at home, I cook and bake, I read and dream, I text my brothers every 15 minutes and even got to be gardening a bit with my boyfriend. And lucky me, I still have the chance to drive to the studio once a week.

I also took my sewing machine and all my material home and use the opportunity of this forced isolation to reduce the pile of vintage clothes waiting to be repaired.  And the best part of all this… I can do this wearing my most comfortable loungewear! Here is a selection of some favourites from the shop…

1980’s Chinese Satin Pyjamas

1950’s Rayon and Feathers Evening Coat

1960’s Hanro Negligé


1980’s Silk Pyjamas

1980’s Pink Floral Cotton Pyjamas

1930’s Silk Pyjamas




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