How do I shop for Baz Vintage?

Oh my bear!

You may remember that article I wrote last year, I called it Oh my Leo and I briefly touched on my obsession for coats. My obsession hasn’t been tamed and I’m coming back with an “Oh my bear shooting” outerwear. Two days ago I found this promising black teddy bear coat. It had some ugly and cheap press buttons weirdly placed. So I took them out, sewed on some buttons holes and placed those giant 60’s black leather buttons I had in my collection. I’m keeping this coat for myself, but my process to purchase for the shop is the same.

I Usually take three things into consideration:

Beret – 80’s Angora beret / Coat – Nakd /Jeans – 7 all mankind / Shoes – Dr “Marten Molly” / Bag – Vintage Gucci


This may be the most obvious, indeed this is the number one criterion when it comes to purchase clothing.
This is the part where I put clothes under the magnifying glass. I’ll try to find any defect, hole, scratch, etc. and decide if the issue is small enough to be fixed.

For example, fur coats (only promoting vintage fur in here). Fur coats can be tricky, they like to hide their defects. They often have open seams around the shoulder or in the lining. Those issues  I know I can repair easily on my own and can be a great argument to lower the price. But if they show  hair patches around the cuffs, or if the skin is cracked then I must let it go. So, if you are thinking about starting a vintage business; consider learning how to sew buttons, repairing minor (or bigger) holes and knowing the most about fabrics and detergent!

While writting about fabrics, I usually try to stay away from synthetic fabrics. I enjoy natural fabric the most, like wool, linen silk or leather. Unless the fabric has some psychedelic print (which were big in the late 60’s-70’s), a funky colour or something very special about it. And here is my second point…


A little twist:

And this is the funny part! Good, strong basics always are something I reach out for but finding clothes with a little twist is the most exciting experience. I’m so happy when I get to touch an unusual pattern, a cute motif,  or when I found a jacket with oversized bakelite buttons, a dress with some decoration seams in short something that makes the piece of clothing feels unique and special. Like this red beret I’m wearing in those pictures, not only it is made with angora wool which is super warm and of great quality but also it has a pom-pom!


When considering wearability I’ll ask myself two things, can the garment be worn without it falling apart? And is it something that can still be worn today style-wise.

Baz Vintage is all about vintage clothing for your everyday life. I do list a funky party dress (like this 80’s Victor Costa bustier  one) or a very glamorous evening gown (like this 1950’s raspberry velvet number) from time to time but my general vision for the shop is to find clothing that can be worn again and again. Tamara Kalinic said in one of her videos “people are made to be love, clothes are made to be worn”, this little phrase stuck with me, even if the idea of creating a museum of beautiful antique clothing is thrilling!

Baz Vintage is a business that started all from scratch, I made a million mistakes, bad purchases and silly choices and learn a lot along the way! And I will say that this is the most interesting and valuable part of owning a small business.



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