I got a Vespa

1970s Black Dress / Helmet 70s Superflat / Gloves Baz Vintage

If you are following me on Instagram, you heard the news. I got a Vespa!

I’m over the moon and totally in love with it. It is vibrant red, it shines, it growls. It feels safe and comfortable, and it is  already giving me a new sort of freedom.

Of course, I drive safely and responsibly but on a motorbike you stay vulnerable at all time. That you drive a Vespa or a Harley, you should dress with great care because your clothing is  your armor. Nothing like this fabulous 1970s long sheer dress I’m wearing on those pictures, while I hit the road I wear a special biking proof outfit. I ordered leggings with inserted protections at the knees and a second hand leather jacket with shoulder and elbow pads. I found the most badass pair of gloves with a panther motif on it. But of course the most important and fun part was to look for the right helmet. I research days and nights before deciding on this white 70s Superflat helmet with a clear bubble visor. Its retro look sells it to me, nonetheless its versatility is its greatest argument. You can choose and adapt the visor to your needs and the brand have a great choice of fancy shell designs, and is of course ECE certified.

I will surely post some biking outfit as I know that finding cool and pretty motorbike clothing can be a headache.

Drive safely.

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