Keeping it for myself

Oh my Leo

What to keep, what to let go?

When you own a vintage store, you have the perfect excuse to shop…all the time, everywhere, in every size, print and shape. But the struggle is often, what to keep for yourself, what to let go (big struggle right?).

Those coat, hat, bag and sunglasses originally were planed to end in the BAZ Vintage shop, but after wearing them to take pictures for the website, I decided to keep them for myself.

I came across this crazy 1980’s faux fur coat, last year in Paris. It was sitting on a shelf, in a tiny vintage store 2 min away from my brother’s apartment. It is one of m favourite found ever. That same day, I found some other cute things for the shop, but this coat…I just couldn’t get rid of it. Oh and you will probably soon notice how bad my obsession with coats is…Just yesterday, I found a cute brown faux fur one 🙂

Hat – 1960’s Fedora (similar)/ Sunglasses – 1980’s cat-eye (Similar 12 )/ Coat -1980’s Faux Fur Coat (other yeti coats 12) / Bag – 1960’s Salvatore Ferragamo / Shoes – Diesel

I shot those pictures with my boyfriend around some autumnal streets of Zurich Kreis 4


Bisouski, Barbara









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5 thoughts on “Keeping it for myself

  1. Hello BarBara,
    I love like you wear it ! Your leopard fauX fur is fabulous !
    I’ve a new blog too, comE and follow me, please…
    I’m italian but my shop is top !!!!

  2. Thanks for these pics ! Nice posing ! You’ve chosen a good location. Paired with skinny jeans your leo faux fur coat is super chic !
    Continue blogging

    1. Thank you Teddy bear, I love this location in Kreis 5 in Zurich, there is a lot of art / street art going on!

  3. Hello, Barbara
    I think your outfit is pretty, comfy and attractive. Leopard faux fur is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, is it ?
    Love Your Diesel boots ! “These boots are made for walking ” as Nancy Sinatra sang in the fifty’s…
    Good luck m’y friend

    1. Yes! I love those boots because I can really walk in them for miles miles!

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