My Favourite Independent Shops

Isabelle Mayer / Béton Ciré / Schoenstaub

Aguaseternas / SK Design

 Velvet Rebel Lingerie / Curious Pip / Leather Candy

Day 2 and 3 of the Self Isolation,

After posting a luxury wish list for next spring to distract me (and hopefully you too) from the fear of the unknown we have to face with this virus, I thought it would be nice to chat about some smaller creators. These strange time is going to be hard for everyone and will have many consequences so let us be as positive as we can be and share love and support around us. Here is my way of doing it. I picked up a few of my favourite independent shops and I warmly invite you to have a look at their amazing arts and crafts.

Also do not hesitate to share your shop or infos if yourself is a small creator or/and your personal favourites.







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