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How do you overcome home sickness?

Bonjour, I’m writing this article from warm and sunny Paris. My brother borrows me his place, while I’m here for a few days. Paris is the perfect destination to get lost, to think about, to walk around all by yourself. I was looking forward to this short trip on my own as I have had quite a bit of homesickness those past weeks. If you live abroad, you may relate to this article. Leave your country behind, your friends and family, your habits and everything that make a place a home, is not an easy thing.

Moving to Switzerland has been a big dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and I’m very proud to have made it come true. But even if it is the life you chose how do you overcome homesickness?

Establish a new relationship with your hometown

I guess it needs more than a three steps recipe to swipe off sad feelings. And time and patience always are our best friends when it comes to feeling and emotions.

But I read somewhere that to overthrow homesickness you need to establish a new relationship with your hometown. And this is where it gets tricky for me. Every time that I plan a trip to Paris I’m diving into an ocean of contradicting feelings. I get really excited, about the idea of eating as much pain au chocolat as I possibly can, I’m thrilled to visit some cool art exhibit and seeing my friends and family. But then I remember all of the things that bother me, like the metro not having lift or escalator, the train always being delayed, some very arrogant sellers in the shops, dogs poop everywhere on the pavement and for other more in-depth reasons travelling back to Paris as often be a stressful journey. Nonetheless, for a few months, I decided to see Paris through more touristy eyes, enjoying my stay while knowing that I will go back to Switzerland.

Take time to settle in and acclimate

I felt good in Switzerland right from the beginning. But it took me quite some time to feel at home. To help, I took some German lessons. Nothing is more important than to speak the language of the land you live in. Not only it is best for communication, but it helps a lot understanding the culture and the way of thinking of the inhabitants. It is a long process that can be frustrating from time to time. But the more comfortable I feel speaking German, the better I feel living in Zurich.

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Find new habits

To build a routine might be a good diversion to your sorrow. Before going on my daily post office trip and vintage hunting, I went swimming every day. It helped me structure my schedule and feel more attatched to the country. This is also  where, 5 and a half year ago, I met the love of my life.

Please, let me know if you also have homesickness and what do you do to handle it?


















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