BAZ Vintage new intentions for the year

Things are gonna change, a bit

We are not huge onto celebrating any kind of holidays in my family. Christmas and NYE for instance, always have been the perfect time to chill out and stay at home in our pyjamas. The 1 of January also is my older brothers birthday so naturally, it is more his day as really about the new year and all of the false promises we may make to ourselves.

But still, a new year’s arriving is a great opportunity to reflect upon the goods and bads and set some new goals or better said new intentions for the upcoming years.

So this year, I’m not trying to reach any numbers I want to concentrate my energy into building the business that fits my life and values even more. So here are some changes I want to make for BAZ Vintage.

No more fur:

This is one I was thinking about for a long time. I’m a vegetarian for more than 13 years and always have been against fur unless it is second hand or vintage. But even then I do not feel comfortable wearing or selling it. So I’m selling the one that already is listed in the shop and then still no more fur from Baz Vintage. If you like to wear fur, please, invest in a vintage one, one that already is on the market.

No more plastic:

Well, I’m sure you heard of the “plastic straw gate” this summer. And it is a very good thing that awerness is brung about this disastrous subject that plastic is. We do recycle everything that is possible to be recycled in the house. We rarely purchase plastic bottles and avoid every single-use plastic bags we may encounter. So I think we are doing quite ok. But still, when I look at my trash can, I can not help but be desperate in front of the amount of plastic that still remains. So it is a subject we will keep on working one in the house, but also on BAZ Vintage.

I did use a system to pack and storage the merchandise that, I have to admit isn’t extremely eco-friendly. I do use recycled packing to send out the orders I may receive and will keep on doing so, but I will from now on avoid any kind of unnecessary plastic wrap. So, once again, I’ll send out the already packaged items as they are, but all new addition to the shop will be sent in the most ecological way I possibly can.

P.s: If you have any ideas or suggestion about this subject, I’m avidly interested!

No more emails on sunday:

This year I realised that taking breaks is crucial. When you are running a small business on your own, you are most likely to be an accountant, a photographer, a communication director etc. in brief you have to do it all on your own. It can be tricky to separate your work from your private life. So I decided that at least one day in a week, I’m allowed to forget about work and Sundays will be a no working day.

Introducing new products:

In 2019 I would like to introduce a new kind of merchandise to the shop. You may know that I’m soon to be an official Tailor (yeah!) and I own quite an impressive button collection. From now on I would like to propose vintage buttons and fabric as well as other beautiful sewing accessories I will find along the way.

What are some of your intentions for the year?




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