No Typical yéyé girl

Parisian Yéyé

If I had to choose one 1960’s Icon, it would without any hesitation be Françoise Hardy. During the yéyé (yeah-yeah) movement that happened in France during the ’60s F. Hardy was one strong personality who’ve gone against the flow.

What is yéyé?

Yéyé was a pop music style. It was mostly English songs adapted in French. It was very kind, colourful, and  a bit naive way. Just as naive as the look of the often very young singers, the yéyé girls. Sylvie Vartan, Sheila and France Gall, are some of the most famous names of this movement. And Françoise Hardy was the wildest of them all.

She was (and still is) rock’n’roll, quite dramatic, a strong personality but foremost very wise. Something in her eye is touching me, she has a very particular way to see and describe the world we live in and the other worlds that could exist. She talks a lot about the influence of energies, and can sometimes be describe as the crazy old lady. It is this craziness in a very elegant body that I like the most.

But there is no doubt about the fact that, she is a fashion Icon. I feel pretty influenced by the straight lines, strong pieces and soberness that made her look. She often combined flared trousers, statement Sunglasses and please do not forget her iconic bangs!  The A-Line wool dress I’m wearing for this set, remind me of some of the mini sweater dresses, she also used to wear.

What I’m wearing:

Beret – Vintage (Similar)/ 1980’s Cat Eye Sunglasses (Similar 1 / 2)/ Dress – Vintage 1960’s (here) / 1960’s Babie Mary-Jane (here)

We Shot in:

We shot in a beautiful Glass House surrounded by an amazing vegetation, populated by the most charming Parakeet and other exotic Birds. It’s my loved one who took me at the Stadt Gärtnerei , Zürich  for the first time, a few months ago. I had no idea this place existed. He knows how much I love plants, cactus and old gardens. He made me a big favour that day and I wanted to share this with Madison. We found it to be a perfect place to shoot in.

Inspirations board: Here

Shot by: The Marvellous Madison Kennedy









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11 thoughts on “No Typical yéyé girl

  1. Hi, Barbara, you look very pretty with this green dress ! You’re so lucky, you can wear anything ! The shoes are Amazing ! Georgous photos.

    1. Those shoes are not only amazing they also are soooo comfortable! I don’t really wear high heels, this high and thickness of a heel is perfect!

  2. In my opinion, you are the reincarnation of a yeye idol ! You seems to be wise, a littLe shy, indifferent… You’ve got farseing look and lazy smile. How do you manage that ? Are you thruly a girl of the past ?

  3. For reasons of nostalgia, i have to give a comment and a special thank you ! I was teen ager in the sixties, in Paris, when Francoise hardy was singing “Le temps de l’amour”. I had a thin silhouette, thin and long legs as yours, and i was found of my green dress which was almost similar as yours. Waouhhhh

    1. Do you have picture of this green dress? I would like to see 🙂

  4. Hello, miss Barbara, i had to go to Zurich for business and absolutly want to visit the place you’ve choose for photo shoot! So romantic… Could you give me the exact adDress ? Do you live in swizerland ? Do you speak german ? You wrote it was in glasshouse, does it meaNs A greenhouse ? Thank you
    Best regards

    1. Greenhouse, glasshouse, isn’t it the same? English is not my first language, not even my second! I speak French (my mother tongue) better than I speak German, and I speak German better than I speak English 😉
      This Green/glasshouse, is not easy to find, it is between the Letzipark area and the cemetery. Go take a look it is worth it!

  5. once again, a great post… love you bestie

  6. Miss barbara, thank you very much for answering. Green or glaSs house, it doesn’t matter ! I will find this place. I’m German and i think your shop is thruely interestinG. Why not some accessories for man ?

  7. Barbara, you look stunning ! I your shoes fit perfectly with the adorable green dress.
    Tons of hugs

    1. Thank you for the nice comments Angela 🙂

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