Rainy 60s

As we are entering the season of the Gemini, I thought why not exploring the double trouble series furthermore. I had only a short time slot to shoot this miniseries due to the capricious weather May is facing. I  quickly packed a bag, with two colorful outfits, my camera and sprung on my Vespa to disappear into the woods. This is the tiny forest, behind the studio, where I shot the “Puss in Boots” last winter. This time I went a little deeply and decide to put my Camera right in front of this wood pile. Also, during the time I was shooting, I had the privilege to observe two common buzzards falling from the trees, tight to each other, to fly back into the sky as they were 5 cm away from the ground. It was magical and beautiful.

For this playful mini serie, I had the “Demoiselle de Rochefort” in mind, and how crazy is the similarity between this 60s silk dress I’m wearing in the look 1 and the Cuban Movie Poster of the film (See below).

Look 1:
Hat – Paul Smith/ Scarf – 1960s Gift from my mom / Coat- Vintage Armani / Dress – 1960s Silk Dress /Bag – 1960’s Crochet Bag / Shoes – Converse Run Star Hike (2nd hand)
Look 2:
Hat – 1960s Cap / Coat – 1960s Coat/ Bracelet – Chinese Cinnabar / Shoes – Converse Run Star Hike (2nd hand)



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