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Before I dived into my passion for textile, my first love actually was to read. My mom told me that as a kid I wanted to sleep with my favourite book more than with favourite stuffed animal. I wanted to learn how to read before starting school so my mom taught me.

Reading more was a goal I discussed a while back in my, 30 before 30, article. And it is one I had struggled with. I love to read. I always have. But it is hard sometimes to organise the time to take a book and read it. usually, I will have a book in my bag to open on the bus or train ride, but it often happened that I miss my station 🙁

A week ago I watch Ariel Bissett’s video, Reading after 10, where she discusses her experience reading every day before bed for a week. And came to the conclusion that by the 4th day, it became a habit. So the last few days I tried to create myself that habit, and you know what? it worked! I gain back my excitement about books, and I thought I will share the list of the ones I want to read this year

Outfit: Beanie – Carrhart / Turtle Neck Top – Made myself / 80’s Denim Jeans- Vintage

The list:

Show your work – A. Kleon
A little book for people who have, start or thinking about owning the business (art/creative oriented).

The Perfume – P. Süskin
I have this bool with since I’m 15 years old, it was a present from my French Teacher, but I didn’t manage to open it even if I tried a few times, so this here, I’ll read it!

Les Prénoms Epicènes – Amelie Nothomb

Des Hommes sans Femmes – H. Murakami

La Vierge Froide et autres Racontars – JornRiel

La Ville Faite par et pour les Hommes – Y.Raibeaud
I heard a podcast where Y.Raibau talk about why and how do cities contribute to the sexism

Love in the Time of Cholera (L’amour au temps du Cholera) – Gabriela G. Marquez
Just saw the film the other day with the most gorgeous decors, it makes me want to read the original story by G. Marquez.

The Sun and Her Flowers – Rupi Kaur
Because my best friend told me about it

The Moon is Down – J.Steinbeck

The Winter of Our Discontent – J. Steinbeck

Their Blood Is Strong – J. Steinbeck

I have avidly read Of Mice and Men and East of Eden by John Steinbeck (which are my two favourite books of all time) as well as a few Novels, so one of my big goals would be to read his entire Bibliography.

Hurler avec les chiens – Xavière Gaultier
I’m preparing an article about Witches, and stroll around that book among my research.
Burning Bright – John Steinbeck

Contes de la Becasse – G. de Maupassant

Fort comme la mort – G. de Maupassant

The Journal of Frida Kahlo – Carlos Fuentes

Get a life the diary of V.Westwood – Vivienne Westwood

Please share with me where you like to read and what’s are your favorite genre 🙂



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  1. … and the best friend in question is me !

    seriously love your outfit and makeup; it looks amazing : super cute 🙂

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