Self-portrait of a Witch

Hat – 1950’s Giant Straw Hat / Jacket – 1900’s Victorian Jacket


As August generally is one of the quietest months of the year, I allowed myself to take a step back from the studio. Finally spending time with my love under the sun and in the water. This time off gave me the opportunity to relax and create some new space in my mind. New space that let a new streak of creativity hit me. And soon enough I found my way back to work.

Fortunately enough, I’m a lone wolf. Spending hours alone with no-one around is my natural environment. This is when I feel the freest to create. So immersing myself into piles of vintage clothing, camera lenses and my favourite Motorhead’s songs was really exciting. Ready to experiment with the art of self-portraiting.

Although selfies are talked about poorly these days, they really just are a simplified self-portrait. They might not require the same effort or aren’t thriving to serve an artistic purpose. Still, they are a representation of one-self that is consciously or not, orchestrate.  Self-portraits have been part of the art world for centuries and to these days they stay a wonderful playground for artists. To discover new technics, improve skills self-portrait is foremost a mirror that reflects the Persona that one decide to show to the world.

It took me some trials, a ray of sunlight and a black background to capture the light I was aiming for. Armed with a giant Straw hat and a divine black Victorian jacket I mutate into the witch I have in me and took a few shots.

But what are those self-portrait series is telling you about me? That is still up to your own interpretation.



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