Dr. Who? Dr. Martens

Styling the Clarissa Sandals by Dr. Martens

One day maybe, I’ll share my shoe collection on this blog. If I do so, you’ll certainly notice my obsession for Dr Martens.

I tend to buy shoes that I know will last me for a long time. Not only quality plays a huge part in my buying process. Practicality as well as the longevity and freedom of the design are keys. Dr Martens may not be everyone’s test, but they are a big (big) staple piece in my wardrobe.



The love story began when I was 15 yrs old, I went to the flea market with my mom. At the time, punk bands, rock music and fashion was all the rage. The British 80’s rebellious way to dress was my biggest inspiration so when I saw those mid-calf booties, with a zip on the sides, I know they were the ones. I was yet to know this was my first step into an obsessive Dr Martens collection.

Those boots still have a big place in my heart and I continue to wear them to this day.


If you own a pair of Dr Martens, you probably met the “breaking in” struggle. Yes, the Clarissa will also need a bit of patience and all your indulgence in the beginning, but once you pass this quite painful period of time, they will make your feet happy forever!

They Clarissa are a kind of cut-out version of the classic Dr Martens bootie. They have a big strap around the ankle and a slightly thick sole. I love this masculine vibe, it adds a modern and playfull touch to my vintage/ retro outfits.

Today I styled them with a pair of floral culotte shorts that I made using a 1960’s bedsheets. A little mustard crop top and my faithful beret.


It is a shame I’ve only got to wear them in the summer 😉

Bisouski, Barbara

Pictures by: My love

Shot in: Zurich

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