Sweet Nostalgia

Fallen Leaves

Shot by: Elisa Bela

I’m nostalgic. I love to think that it comes from my small slave heritage, but really I don’t know. I still can not explain why I have and always had such intense feelings about the aesthetic of the past. Autumn is the perfect season to have idealized dreams about the past.

Of course, I’m aware of the wars, social improvements, technological, physical and medical progress. And I do not wish I was born in another era, I just really love the aesthetic of the past more than the modern one. In term of fashion, I particularly love the 20’s and 70’s. Probably because a lot was going one, mostly in women rights, and social changes always have a big impact on how we dress!

Today I went for a more 70’s look, by pairing this 1970’s dress with some matching rusty orange tights and a very simple 70’s leather belt to create some volume. I wear my Mary Jane heels from Repetto, a modern shoe that is easy to style with any vintage dresses and skirt. I Like the colourful side of the 70’s, the crazy prints, the warm colours, the cuts. The silhouette of the era is also the most adapted for my body type.

My beloved beret is embellished by this adorable Horse Brooch.

1970’s Dress – Baz Vintage (here)/ 1970’s Belt – Baz Vintage (here) / Tights – Falke / 1970’s Coat – Baz Vintage / Beret – Baz Vintage / Horse Brooch – Baz Vintage (here) / Shoes – Repetto / Gloves Vintage (found those when I was 18 yrs old!)

I wanted to shoot with this umbrella ever since my dad gifted it to me!

X, Barbara

Shot by: Elisa Bela

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Nostalgia

  1. Wow, what a dreamy photoshoot ! With both perfect outfit and perfect backdrop. I’m particulary fond of your coat ! And you’re so pretty !

    1. I call it my princess coat 🙂 It’s my favourite photoshoot.
      Thank you for your compliment and taking time to let me a little note.

      X Barbara

  2. O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being,
    Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
    Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing…
    I would say you captured the essence of Autumn marvelously In these photos by playing with leaves, with the wind and the rain ! And you remind me this old poem written by Shelley. Love your Repetto shoes, and that umbrella, so romantic 🙂
    Ciao bella !

    1. Beautiful words!


  3. Beautiful outfit, very season appropriate ! I love the dress and the coat you paired with. And the horse brooch on the Beret, lovely…Nice black Repetto shoes, I wish my legs were as perfect as yours.
    Love and hugs

    1. Hi Maya, thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 autumn/winter are the most interesting season to style outfits, right?
      I’m sure you have beautiful legs too!

      Xo Barbara

  4. Barbara, you look so stunning ! These pics are so inspired, you seem to be happy with this slightly shiny dress. Melancholic fall mood , go out ! 🙂
    And congratulations to the photographer !

    1. Hello Marzipan,

      Thank you so much, it was my first collaboration with a photographer I didn’t know! Iwas nervous, but she was so sweet and I’m so happy too with the pictures 🙂

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