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A walk into the woods … in statement tights

Hey there! I think I’m on a good run at getting back at writing posts and I’m very happy about it. I did miss taking my boyfriend on a little adventure to play model and photograph.  For this very autumnal shooting, we took our e-bikes and went into the forest. It was freezing cold and […]

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40’s for nothing

  The 1940’s Military Jacket Today I’m wearing this jacket I adore. It is a 1940’s military jacket from the French army, and I had it for free! Can you believe it! It has nothing on it, no buttons nothing, I actually had to open each button’s hole. So it was probably deadstock, but still, […]

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How to find your area?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about how I love the 40’s but how the shapes of this area are not fitting my body well. The area you love the most is not necessarily the one that complimenting you the best. So here are three little tips to help you if […]

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