Tag: 1950’s

Self-portrait of a Witch

Hat – 1950’s Giant Straw Hat / Jacket – 1900’s Victorian Jacket   As August generally is one of the quietest months of the year, I allowed myself to take a step back from the studio. Finally spending time with my love under the sun and in the water. This time off gave me the […]

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Tropical Dreams

Tropical dreams in the Sukkulenten Sammlung I shot those pictures with my best friend back in September. I was very excited about this shooting because not only we have been to my favourite place in Zurich, but also  I’m wearing this Oh so amazing 1950’s Floral dress. This dress is a dream and for sure […]

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Pardon my French

A French girl in Zurich We (my man and I) were recently talking about how, we do no understand the expression “excuse my French”.  I have always thought it was a phrase French people would say to apologize about their French accent or language mistakes, as we (French people) are known for not being the […]

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