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The Third Eye

Third Eye   My inspirations are constantly evolving according to my reading, the films I watch, the music I listen to, or the painting I see. Ever since we studied The Odalisque, by Ingres, at school I have a real fascination for the oriental world. Learning chinese ( I so wish I had continued!) also […]

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40’s for nothing

  The 1940’s Military Jacket Today I’m wearing this jacket I adore. It is a 1940’s military jacket from the French army, and I had it for free! Can you believe it! It has nothing on it, no buttons nothing, I actually had to open each button’s hole. So it was probably deadstock, but still, […]

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Is vintage the future?

  Is vintage the future? What a strange question right? I’m not going to write a dissertation on the subject even if  the theme could be a great philosophic theory. If, is vintage everything that is 20 and more years old, then as we are going on time, vintage is travelling with us. Girls, take […]

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