Tales – The Red Riding Hood

  Back in the day, when I used to study literature, Folk tales were my favourite topic. Many ancient stories that used to be shared through the oral tradition of telling,  have entered our collective unconscious. So many keep living today thanks to movies, music or cartoon and have become part of our pop culture. But something I find regrettable is that we know them as fairytales that are always ending beautifully. And not as the dark, scary and even cruel tales that they were. I encourage you to read those tales, the more popular were related by Ch.Perrault or The Grimms Brother. But I also adore, Les Contes du jour et de la Nuit, by Maupassant or The Black Cat, by Edgar Allan Poe. If you like beautiful dramatic endings you will not be disappointed.

Beret – Vintage, my own (Similar) / 1980’s Coat – Here / 1930’s Wedding Dress – Here / 1980’s Bogner Belt – Vintage / Boots – Vintage, my own





I would love to make a theme, on the blog, out of this spontaneous photoshoot.  Inspired by a painting of Edward Frederick Brewtnall I chose this 190’s red wool coat and 1930’s wedding dress to endorse the role of the Red Riding Hood. I had no Galette to bring to my grandmother in my wicker basket nor I met the big bad wolf, but I walk through the forest, picked up some plants and even seen a few domesticated wolves (Really I mean…dogs).






Bisouski, Barbara


The big bad wolf – Walt Disney

Rotkäppchen, Albert Anker

Gustave Doré

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Raoul André

Red Riding Hood, Catherine Hardwicke





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