The Fairytales Serie – Puss In Boots

Boots – Marc Jacobs / Belt – 1970s Western Belt / Hat – Green Hat / Cape – Tartan / Bag – Edwardian Green Pouch (sold out)

Last year I shot the first pictures of a series (here), The Fairy Tale Serie. I was planning on shooting a fairytale a month, but then… but then life happened, I have had new projects, new ideas, and let this one sleep for a while.

We had the chance recently of having a lot of snow here in Switzerland. I didn’t waste a minute, carry my camera and my tripod out. I put a little outfit together and left.  The tiny forest behind my studio was deserted, the snow only showing birds and deers footsteps. The perfect scenery to shoot a winter version of the “Puss in Boots”.

I had a blast creating this series of pictures, sharing the forest with playing birds, snow up to my knees, cold to the bones but animated by my little project. Hope you like it!

The Charater:

I envisioned my cat as being a traveller. A cat that does not have a home but who’s open to discover the world, curious for new places. My cat is secret and wild with just what you need of arrogance and a little bit of a naughty feline (but that what you need to survive when travelling alone right?).


The Outfit:

What does The Puss in boots wear?

For this outfit, I was inspired by an Illustration of Gustav Doré (see at the end of the article). Doré’s cat is wearing a hat with a big decorative feather, some over the knee boots and a large cape. So this I what I was looking for to put together my outfit.

I found this lovely Austrian green felt hat and put a large black 1930’s ostrich feather (used for decorating traditional Swiss woman hats), for the cape I chose this red cotton and wool tartan English cape, I was grateful for the warmth it gave me! Around my waist a suede leather belt is from the 1970’s, it has big metallic eyelets in which I fix the tiny  Edwardian crochet purse in. The boots are Marc Jacobs, green to match the hat and purse. Despite their high heels they were surprisingly practical to walk in the snow, they did protect my pants from getting wet and my feet from getting frostbites!




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Serie: Once Upon A Time – The Red Ridding Hood





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