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Third Eye

  My inspirations are constantly evolving according to my reading, the films I watch, the music I listen to, or the painting I see. Ever since we studied The Odalisque, by Ingres, at school I have a real fascination for the oriental world. Learning chinese ( I so wish I had continued!) also opened my eyes and mind to an all-new universe to discover. Since then I had the chance to collect some magical objects, a few lacquered chinoiserie, a couple of Berber jewellery, a luxurious Iranian rug from my dad’s aunt and one or two intricate vases.


I did enjoy shooting this little series, has it is summarizing an aesthetic I adore.  Some rich textiles, warm colours, a little bit of cruelness all of what I read during 1001 nights.

Even if, to be honest, I was quite mad at my boyfriend when he decided to purchase this Wakizashi (sabre) , as I hate any kind of weapon. But I have to say that the sophisticated Japanese style totally enchanted me. It has a matt black cover and a black lacing on the cuff that reminded me of the bondage aesthetic with some beautiful filigree brass birds on it. Also, he (my boyfriend) directed me on how to hold it, the faux pas and the forbidden moves there is in the Japanese Sabre art.

This sharp weapon perfectly matches the oriental theme going on on this shoot. I’m planning on sewing some turban this year, this how much I love them. I always add vintage brooches to all of my headpieces just like on this 1960’s blue sponge turban. I paired it with this adorable embroidered phoenix kimono that I bought from an audacious older lady. She use to live in Namibia, and I bought some very olala clothing from her.

You will find all the items in the shop.

1960’s Turban / 1940’s Kimono / 1920’s Necklace / 1970’s Lapis Lazuli Ring






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