Totem and jewellery


I came across a lot of people who want to try vintage, but don’t know where to begin.

Well, my advice is always the same, look for accessories. Bags and shoes are pieces where I’m less afraid to invest in,  as I know I’m gonna wear them a lot and for a long time.

But what about jewellery?

Jewellery is the perfect accessories to begin your vintage collection. Precious metals would never die and they are really versatile. From gigantic 80’s earrings, to the fantastic moon shape Victorian moon brooch, statement rings or daintier necklace there is something for everyone.

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favourite of the shop along with some of my personal collection.

I love to collect very special pieces, but there is nothing like receiving a jewel from a loved one. I attribute them a particular power, they become a totem I take with me everywhere. This amber brooch is a family piece. I often put brooches on plain hats, I have one on my black beret, a cute cat on my giant Texan hat, I think they make the whole difference.

Tibetan Bracelets 1 / Tibetan Bracelets 2

Earrings How cute is this articulate 1920’s Panther Brooch? Panther brooch





As you can see in the shop, I have an obsession for “ethnical” jewellery. Particularly Berber, Middle east, Tibetan, Rajasthan and Chinese jewellery. I collect rings foremost. I never go out without my rings on or better say, I never take them off!

I had the chance to come across those incredible silver filigree Berber  earrings, with a little coral in the middle.







  Greek silver ring with turquoise/ Kate Spade Earrings / Chinese cinnabar bracelet

My little snake collection, the first one I bought in Egypt 10 years ago, the second one is the most recent, is a gift from my man on our Holiday in Greece. The last one is from Tibet, I never been to Tibet 🙁

Frindge Necklace / 20’s Blue Necklace

I’m a quarter Polish so I still have a lot of amber around me :). The first one is from my grandmother, the two other one have been gifted to me by my dad and her girlfriend. I wear the one in the middle every single day.

Bisouski, Barbara


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9 thoughts on “Totem and jewellery

  1. that’s an incredible collection ! you’re so beautiful bestie 🙂

  2. Wow, Barbara, you look stunning ! Vintage jewellery adds a real sparkle to your outfits ! My favorite pièce is your amber family brooch. So lovely !

    1. Thank you so much! It is one of my favourite too, I should wear it more often!

  3. It’s such a nice post idea…I’m In love with so many pieces but I think my favorite item is the 1920 panther brooch. I like my blings to be unusual, with a tale to tell and your brooch is like a tiny piece of history… So unique and romantic !
    The pictures are amazing as always.
    Love and hugs

    1. Thank you Tamara,

      How cute is this brooch right! Vintage jewellery just feels a lot more special I think!

  4. Both you and the jewellery are absolutly exquisite !!!
    I’ve never seen you with a turban, it really suits you.
    I’m particularly in love with your ethnical fringue necklace, it glamorize so well your lovely top !
    Is it silver ?
    See you soon

  5. Wow, these all are stunning ! The blue necklace is to die for ! I think your eye makeup is perfect with the black turban, it gives you some mystery. I personally own my grandmother’s jewelry, priceless for me. Emotional value is far more important than monetary value.
    Thanks for the post and the pictures, you are the best !

    1. Thank you for your lovely message, and exactly, emotional over monetary, I do not own any “prescious” jewellery but they are very unique, one of a kind.

      Xo Barbara

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