Tropical Dreams

Tropical dreams in the Sukkulenten Sammlung

I shot those pictures with my best friend back in September. I was very excited about this shooting because not only we have been to my favourite place in Zurich, but also  I’m wearing this Oh so amazing 1950’s Floral dress. This dress is a dream and for sure one of my favourites founds for the shop. It will make you feel like an elegant lady but still has something wild in the motif that will suit an adventurous mind!

The Sukkulenten Sammlung, was built back in 1931. It houses one of the largest Cactus collection in the world. This place still has some vintage vibes that I find so charming. It is also the perfect place to dream about warm and wild tropical adventures.

I’m still wearing my favourite beret, maybe this will become a standard of my style :). It just goes so well with everything I own and transport the nostalgia I have for Paris. This dress is also French!  It is made out of the softest cotton and has the most beautiful and faltering  typical 1950’s shape. I’ll be devastated once it sells.

I paired it with an adorable 1950’s wool cardigan I had to restore (this is when my tailoring lessons are coming on handy), and those fishnet Repetto ballerinas I bought a million years ago.

If you want to invest in high quality shoes, I’ll recommend you looking over Repetto. They begin by making dancing shoes and are well known for having the most  comfortable shoes. (Additional tip: Think about sizing up one size at least).

Dress – Here 1950’s / Cardigan – 1950’s / Beret – Vintage / Ballerina – Repetto

Bisouski, Barbara


Pictures by: Madison Kennedy

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2 thoughts on “Tropical Dreams

  1. Hey, Barbara, thanks for coming back. You were missing ! Where then have you been all these weeks?
    You look amazing, as usual, in Cactus Country ! Love your pepsy dress…

    1. Hey Tamara,

      Thank you for your lovely message, I was preparing some cool projects for Baz Vintage, but no worries…I’m back! Thank you for keeping up 🙂
      Yes this dress…this dress is a dream.

      Xo Barbara

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