Hello Everybody. I’ve been more quiet lately, on this blog, on instagram and even in my shop. I needed to take a little step back to reflect on my work but also…to prepare some good, good projects.

Here is a series of photographs that I’ve been working on for quite some time. It is probably, no…it is absolutely my favorite work that I ever made. I spent a ridiculous amount of hours sorting out outfits, choosing the right flowers and then playing with my editing programs. And I’m so happy with the result, also I learned a lot about the style of photography that I want to pursue in.

For those portraits, I mixed two sources of inspiration. The first was a beautiful XIX’s painting, The Vestalin, by Swiss painter Arnold Böcklin (see picture at the end of the article). I tried to recreate the dark and dramatic aesthetic of the painting without losing the luminous aura of it’s subject. The second inspiration were 1920s re-colorized black and white photographs which was my way of introducing colors while keeping the antique imagery.

Dress – 1970s Laura Ashley (sold out) / Crown – Self made (lol) / Veil – 1900 Crochet Skirt (Personal Collection)

Dress – 1960’s Green Velvet (sold out) / Crown – Vintage African Necklace / Bracelet – Roberto Cavalli (Sold Out) / 1940s Basket Bag

Set – Victorian Wedding Suit (Personal Collection) / Crown – Vintage Ethnique Necklace / Veil – 1900’s Crochet Skirt (Personal Collection)


Arnold Böcklin, Vestalin (1874)



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  1. You’re so beautiful ! Those pictures are so dreamy, very well done !

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